My experiences and thoughts about Reiki

Changes and New Phases

My life has gone through many changes lately and one more tie to the past has just been shed. After almost three years, the Reiki Meetup has been dissolved. The feeling that I have had of the need to move in a different direction has been growing these past several months and so too it must have been with Myles.

I am grateful for the many sessions of sharing fascinating discussions, debates,  and tablework. I have met so many fascinating and gifted people in this journey.  I am studying towards my Master Teacher designation and I am eagerly anticipating the developments that this change brings with it.

I look forward to maintaining contact with those who wish;

Blessed Be.


Reiki Circle was tonight and we dived into the work like always after our own individual prep. Working, working, working. All through the first treatment, I was feeling incredibly itchy. Suddenly I felt like I was having an allergic reaction on my skin. So I asked what kind of environments the person had been in, who they had been interacting with, how they were feeling. Well, no obvious sources came out of the discussion.

I decided we all needed to smudge. I pulled out a special mixture of smudge and used my Raven wing fan. Sure enough, I smudged the client and then both of us doing the treatment smudged, my itching disappeared. The others also indicated that they felt better after smudging and it was suggested that we smudge before each Reiki Circle as a habit.

And I might just make sure that I have the smudge bowl out next time. Sometimes you just need that extra little “umph” that you can get from using a different technique or tool.

I was wracking my brain to come up with a topic for meetup this past week and I happened across some groups on Facebook,!/group.php?gid=103927806318561, and other blogs  requesting people send Reiki to the oil spill,, and its effects  in the Gulf of Mexico.  I know I get so lost in the loop of doing and running and checking tasks off of my lists that I have periods of time where I forget to engage in some simple ways to give back to my community.  As a Reiki practitioner I have a beautiful tool for sending energetic support to endeavours for which I can’t be physically present.

Distance Reiki, Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen, is a significant part of the tool kit but I find that additional tools can help me focus. I decided to bring up this topic with the meetup group.  I have quite a few tools that I use to aide my focus for Distance Reiki. I have a Reiki healing altar that includes crystals, a candle, and a golf ball. The crystals are only used in healing work and I can send energy to them or through them. The candle is only lit when I wish to send Reiki to a specific person or situation; it is regularly charged with Reiki as well as it has many Reiki symbols drawn on it with a marker. The golf ball is imprinted with the image of the globe so I use it for healing Mother Earth.

Some of the books in my Reiki library talk of Reiki boxes in which practitioners put names, photographs, situations, or representative items and then send Reiki to the box as a whole. Using a stuffed toy or doll as a proxy for the recipient is another great way of refining your focus for Reiki. I have printed off maps or made drawings of a country or location to which I am sending Reiki. I used the map method for some work I did with the Haitian earthquake in January.

I was grateful for the reminder that I have this gift I can share even as I am sad that there are so many difficult situations that would benefit from Reiki.

Usui Reiki has four symbols that the students are attuned to. Each symbol has its own energy signature and purpose. Recently, I have been playing with the symbols and it has been fun and illuminating.

One of the techniques came about through a discussion at Reiki Meetup. Myles had been doing some reading and came across a description where it was recommended drawing a life sized symbol and stepping into it. Those of us present tried this out and we all felt that the table work had a really deep and profound feel to it that evening.

I’ve done this a couple more times at Reiki Circle. The energy flow seems to be instantly “on” when I do this and it seems like my intuition for hand positions and techniques is more pronounced. Each symbol has a different feel when I step into it and I am noticing that the sensation I get differs each time. I think the different observations can be explained by the differing head space I’ve been in each time I’ve tried this technique.

I haven’t applied this technique to my every day life yet. It was reported that when someone else did this every day for a short span of time that they experienced beneficial synchronicities.  I think that bathing in the symbols’ energy this way is a fabulous way to start my day regardless of any happy coincidences. I may just have to incorporate this into my morning routine.


I find that as someone who is exploring a path in holistic health practice that I need to engage more fully in self-care. Self-care is something that many of us don’t do well. Self-care is easily confused with selfishness. Most people grow up hearing that selfish behaviour is undesirable and it can be hard to break that pattern of connecting selfishness with self-care.

Self-care can be simple or it can be elaborate. Self-care can be 10 minutes for reading a book or meditating or self-care can be attending a retreat or receiving a healing treatment. I think it is important to engage in activities that you find restorative.

I recently finished a sequence of treatments from a healer and I feel much clearer and more focused. My personal feelings of well-being have improved substantially. I have heard from some clients that their experience of Reiki through me has changed significantly since I completed these treatments – they experience the energy more intensely and the sensation of heat from my hands has amped up.  This feedback is interesting to me and makes sense in terms of the mechanics of Reiki transmission. The less obstructed the channels of the Reiki practitioner, the better the flow of Reiki to the recipient.

Reiki practitioners aren’t exempt from the day-to-day frustrations and gunk that builds up for everyone. Finding ways to help yourself is as important for the practitioner as it is for the client. Reiki circles or exchanges with other practitioners are wonderful ways to engage in self-care. My Reiki circle is vital to my well-being and I am grateful for them.


I am not a purist in many of my beliefs. When I encounter a piece of information or a technique that resonates with me and I believe it will be useful, I use it. I have performed 100’s of treatments since I began my study of Reiki and I have incorporated other healing techniques and practices into my work. The way I practice Reiki will continue to evolve through my exposure to other tools and schools of thought. I recently experienced Quantum Touch for the first time. The experience has brought another energy healing tool to my attention and I may study it in the future.

I don’t believe that everyone has to approach healing work in the same way. There are many individuals who believe that they need to keep their techniques distinct from each other or are not attracted to more than one technique. Those are valid paths to choose.

Usui Reiki has different lineages that have come down through different Master Teachers since Dr. Usui brought forth Reiki and began teaching. Literature suggests that Dr. Usui may have provided different information to each of his original students so it is natural to assume that each branch will have some variances that began with his teachings. Over time some Reiki practitioners have developed or inspired new Reiki types, i.e. William Rand and Karuna Reiki,

Through various meditation techniques and journey sessions I have been provided with specific symbols for me to use in my Reiki healings that do not originate in Usui Reiki. While this doesn’t mean to me that I have created a specific or new type of Reiki, I do view these symbols as being provided directly to me by The Divine/Spirit/The Source. When I perform treatments I follow my intuition and use these symbols when called to do so.

The techniques and symbols that I use may not be unique to my practice of Reiki but I believe that people are attracted to different healers and healing techniques for their highest good. There is something to be learned for that particular client from that particular experience. Ultimately, I believe that the big or small differences allow more people to be helped; which I see as a blessing.

The passing of a companion

A dear friend called this afternoon to impart the news that her beloved pet had passed away an hour before. Naturally, she is grief stricken at the loss of her companion of 16 years. I immediately sent Distance Reiki to her.  Distance Reiki is something that I have sent her and her pet over the past several weeks as the condition of her pet deteriorated.

Distance Reiki uses the Reiki symbol of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. I think of it as “beyond space and time”. This allows the Reiki practitioner to send Reiki to the client even if they are not physically present or indeed backwards or forwards in time. The issue of sending energy into the past or future does cause some people confusion and there is a whole quantum physics argument that I can’t do justice to at the moment but it is possible.

There are several ways to conduct a distance healing with Reiki. One method is to treat it like any other session in setting space and environment and then using a stand-in for the client. The proxy for the client can be a doll, a stuffed toy, a photograph of the client, or even a paper with the client’s name. I recommend that the client spend the duration of the session in a relaxed pose and not engaged in other activities. I have found that I get sensations and knowings when working on a proxy just like I do in normal Reiki sessions working on a client’s body. When I check in with the client, they comment on this or that in relation to the sensations or knowings that I received.

At other times it isn’t practical or possible to set up in your usual way for a Reiki session. I use mental focus when this is the situation. I bring the image of the client to my mind and I concentrate on that image and then perform the transmission of Distance Reiki. It is equally effective as the use of a proxy if you can maintain your focus on the client. One of the caveates that I recommend including in your preparation in this case is that the energy be delivered to the client at a time that will be safe and secure for them. I don’t want the client to experience a state of relaxation or release that may interfere with their activies (i.e. driving).